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Jeanine Butler, Director / Writer / Executive Producer, Catherine Butler, Co-Producer, Alastair Reilly, Co-Producer PBS A butlerfilms Production, 2006

It was a time of crisis and possibility. Atime when Americans saw each other’sfaces for the first time and saw the whatlife was like across the nation – north,south, east and west, rich and poor—during the 1930s and 40s.

Giving hope to a nation in despair,President Roosevelťs New Deal programswere also responsible for giving some ofAmerica’s greatest photographers theopportunity to travel the country to createthe largest documentary project in history.

This one hour PBS special features thecompelling – and often surprising—storiesfrom those who were behind the lens,including such legendary photographers asGordon Parks, Dorothea Lange, BenShahn, Marion Post Wolcott, WalkerEvans, Louise Rosskam and others.

A shortversion of the show was featured in the2002 Sundance On-Line Film Festival.Program support includes PBS affiliate SCETVand the Southern Humanities MediaFund.

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“I wanted to introduce a new generation to some of these photographs and the amazing stories that went with them,” said Jeanine Isabel Butler, who wrote and directed the film…NYT ARTICLE

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