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Jeanine Butler, Producer / Writer National Geographic Channels International Hoggard Films, 2003

Berlin, April 30th 1945: as Soviet troops close in through the bombed and blasted streets, deep in his bunker Adolph Hitler shoots himself in the temple and falls alongside the dead body of his wife and long-time mistress Eva Braun. Or did he?

The official story says the bodies were set ablaze and Soviet troops took the burnt remains. Unofficial rumors abound with conspiracy theorists claiming that the two escaped and left behind body doubles. After the war, Hitler sightings became almost routine.

Now at last with the cold war over, the veil of secrecy surrounding the Soviet archives can be lifted. It appears the bones of Hitler and Eva Braun were repeatedly dug up and moved and in 1970 were meant to be incinerated. In 1993, however, the KGB announced they had kept a chunk of the Fuehrer's skull, his jaw and teeth. Three years ago they were put on display.

"Riddles of the Dead" sends top young German scientist Dr. Mark Benecke and a National Geographic Channel team to discover the truth. Viewers can travel with them on a bizarre and exciting investigation from the Holocaust Museum in Washington to Lausanne in Switzerland and then deep into the Soviet archives.

The team investigated dental records, photographs, human remains and interviewed eye witnesses. They built up an unrivaled picture of those last days in the Berlin bunker and provide some fascinating insights into one of the greatest mysteries of modern times.

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