bay bridge 1

Seismic Sleuths climb the San Francisco Bay Bridge  (Photo Credit: © Summer Productions)

Jeanine Butler,              Producer / Writer, Catherine Butler, Researcher / Associate Producer                               Southern California Earthquake Authority (aired on “Assignment Discovery,”  Summer Productions           1999–2000

This award-winning documentary stars the living Earth, and the powerful unpredictability of earthquakes. We follow the parallel stories of two similar fault lines – the San Andreas in California, and Turkey’s North Anatolian, where we accompany a team of geologists responding to the major 1999 tremor. Weaving together science, history and the challenges faced by scientists, emergency responders and public officials, this halfhour profiles the wide variety of experts working to understand and minimize future natural disasters. 

Broadcast on The Discovery Channeľs “Assignment Discovery,” the Learning Channel and the National Geographic Channel. Recipient of the 2001 CINE Golden Eagle Award.

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