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Backyard Planet (workingtitle) joins iNaturalist tocreate a documentary-styleinvestigative series hosted byiNat co-inventor Scott Loarie,who teams up with kids to explorethe many mysteries and surprisespresented by Mother Nature.Scott Loarie’s day job as aGlobal Ecologist is akin to that ofa nature detective. He usestoday’s latest technology toinvestigate climate change on aglobal scale and its impact onbiodiversity. He discovers animalson the move, plant speciespreviously thought extinct, andeven a previously unknownvariety of poison dart frogsrecently sited in Colombia. Hisresearch also leads him on aquest to understand mysteriousevents that his data can’t explain,like why the beloved Californiasea otter is dying in such greatnumbers. He looks to his fellowinvestigators, Backyard Planet’sfeatured kid hosts, for help.Each new challenge leads theteam on a variety of adventuresas they turn to wildlife experts,field biologists and naturalists tofind out more. Together, theytrack bee colonies, tag bat wingswith tiny GPS units, climb giantredwood trees, and performautopsies on diseased sea otters.

BACKYARD PLANET: Kids Series, App & Citizen Science Project

It’s AboutExploration

With each 15-minute episode,kids discover thatit doesn’t matter

where they live …downtownChicago, suburban Atlanta, theKansas prairie, or California’scoast … an adventure in natureawaits just outside their door.

Conservation…In collaborationwith theiNaturalist App,kids will contributeto the mapping ofspecies worldwideevery time they upload theirfield observations into thisscientific database.

Ultimately, Backyard Planetchallenges kids of all ages tojoin Scott and the growingranks of citizen scientists usingthe the latest hi-tech tools intheir conservation efforts.

Education...BackyardPlanet offers kids aunique windowinto the wide range of excitingcareer paths in the fields ofscience and conservation.

Backyard Planet also offersthe opportunity to develop acompanion STEM-basededucational curriculum foronline educational distribution.

-Web Exclusives:Behind the sceneswith our production team.

-Highlighting our featuredspecies, with fun facts.

-Guest Blog: FeaturingQ&A with the kids and hostScott Loarie.

-Observation Quest: Kidscan earn points/prizes for

contributing to the largestvariety of species by

geographic location.

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